Pouring milk into a warm bath can benefit the skin in several ways.

A lactic acid, fat and protein in milk baths not only leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and prevents dryness, but also exfoliate the skin for additional softness. Removing dead skin cells, leaves the skin smooth and may also encourage skin cell renewal.

Many adults and children experience uncomfortable skin irritations such as eczema. A milk bath may help soothe some of the irritation of eczema and other skin conditions.

The soothing feeling of the milk in the water creates an overall relaxed, comfortable feeling. To help our Bath Essentials reduce the stress of your day we have added some wonderful blends of essential oils providing additional relaxation qualities. Try Egyptian Goddess (Cleopatra would have loved this blend), Stress Be Gone with hints of mint and chamomile, Zen Balance Blend with wonderful aroma of cedarwood and lavender, Citrus Mimosa Milk Bath, or one of our other based on your personal preference. We also have sensual and earthy scents for men as well.