Earthy Treasures Essential oil room sprays have beautiful features such as providing instant, 
safe and effective fragrance. Like a burst of sunshine room sprays can change a room from 
doom to gloom fast.

To make sure that you are getting the most of your favorite Earthy Treasures Room Spray, 
I asked customers what they use it for....

Here are a few of their favorites:

Spraying their pillows during the daytime, so when bedtime arrives there is just a 
hint of fragrance when you lay your head down. 
Spray room spray into their vacuum filter and every time I give my carpet a cleaning
 it fills the room with the scent. 
Quick and refreshed carpet without having to buy that nasty carpet powder. 
Spray room freshener on curtains; some fragrances/brands last a good while and you 
catch a whiff of the scent when there's a breeze.  
Spray the inside of a trash can before I put a new trash bag in. It smells nice
 every time you throw something away. (Or use thieves oil in a spray)
Spray inside their dresser drawers & in my closet! 
Spray my favorite fragrance on towels I store for longer periods of time. 
Spray the inside of my suitcase before I pack. It keeps my clothes from smelling 
stuffy when I arrive at my new destination.
Use it before they have guests over. It gives the room a nice freshly cleaned feeling. 
Spray the cloth lining inside my laundry basket to keep things smelling fresh 
until laundry day. 
Spray the carpets in our car before we leave on a road trip. Makes for a lovely drive!