Arnica Pain Salve with Cayenne and Ginger 4oz



Our salve is made with 4 main ingredient that pack a punch for pain. Add our choice of essential oils and apply topically our salve can help reduce muscle, joint, and even nerve pain from arthritis, shingles, back aches, and conditions like fibromyalgia.

Arnica – Native to the mountains, arnica flowers have been used in European folk medicine for centuries. Arnica is a well-known anti-inflammatory herb that really works miracles on sore muscles, sprains, and bruises by helping to improve the local blood supply and speed up healing.

The Mighty Cayenne Pepper – A Natural anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. Cayenne pepper contains a constituent called capsaicin. It is a very powerful pain-relieving property that when properly applied to the skin it  reduces the amount of substance P, a chemical that carries pain messages to the brain, in your body. When there is less substance P, the pain messages no longer reach the brain, and you feel relief. When cayenne is used topically, it can help relieve all sorts of pain, from neuropathy, back pain, muscles spasms, menstrual cramps, and even arthritis.

Ginger root – Used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine for all sorts of ailments including arthritis and muscle pain, ginger has undergone clinical studies for its anti-inflammatory abilities. The warming abilities of ginger help to improve circulation and relieve tension in tired muscles.

With your fingertip, scoop out a small amount of salve (a little goes a long way), and slowly massage it into your achy muscles and joints.

Copaiba Oil – Copaiba is an essential oil derived from the resin of the Copaiba tree. It has been traditionally used as healing and anti-inflammatory agents in the Brazilian folk medicine. When Copaiba is used for pain, it has shown to have more BCP than CBD and has proven to be responsible for the anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective aspects for pain.


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