Our complex recipe of essential oils in the Arthritis Blend are rapidly absorbed through the skin and become directly absorbed into the bloodstream.  It provides immediate relief in reducing joint pain, stiffness and inflammation, increasing circulation, and de  congest the lymphatic system (improve circulation), in both rheumatoid arthritis  and osteoarthritis as well.

With a sweet, mild scent it helps the mind to relax and de-stress. It is a blend that helps fight against inflammation from

Directions: Roll on and massage into area as needed for immediate relief.


3 reviews for ARTHRITIS BLEND

  1. Tracey S.

    I worked on a computer at work long hours. My hands would throb and swell up so bad I could not close my fist. I could not wear my rings they swelled so bad.
    After using the arthritis roll-on my fingers felt like they had been lubricated…My fingers weren’t stiff anymore and I was able to make a fist. I am able to put my rings on again too.
    Tracey S.

  2. Wayne K.

    Been in construction for years. Broke my thumb and index finger. When it gets cold out or I have used it alot the pain is unbearable. I roll on the arthritis oil and feel relief immediately. I carry it in with me every where.
    Wayne K.

  3. Lori J.

    I am Very impressed. The day after he started using the roll on, he wasn’t struggling to walk up the stairs. I was joking last night saying you need to make a jumbo size ha ha. I will get back to you by the weekend about ordering a couple more. Have a great day.
    Lori J.

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