Eat Yourself Thin


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This 26 page e book is The secret to losing weight and understanding the difference between bad foods and good foods and the overall effect these foods have on your body.

Stop blaming yourself or your age, it just is not true!

You jump from one weight loss program to another, in hopes of finding something that really works.
You have been let down time after time and left with a great deal of disappointment, because nothing has ever worked.
You are feeling like a failure because you just couldn’t lose the weight and started blaming yourself for lack of control.
You feel, due to your age, your metabolism is no longer capable of loosing significant weight.

The sad fact is, a lot of these low cal foods, sweeteners and sodas can actually cause you to gain weight and force your body to store these fats instead.

The FACT IS, you can lose weight quickly and easily by boosting your metabolism and eating magic diet foods! This might seem to good to be true, but to the contrary it’s not!



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