Foot Therapy Kit



Earthy Treasures Foot Kit- everything needs to sooth those over worked feet.
ACTIVATED CHARCOAL FOOT SOAK- with essential oils and black charcoal it deeply cleanses and preps feet
FOOT SPRAY – Anti-Bacterial mixture destroys resilient foot and shoe odor from all types of activities in every type of shoe. Strong enough for the toughest odor from heavily used athletic shoes but safe and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.
FOOT POWDER- is formulated to provide maximum strength itch relief, absorb excess moisture, help control foot odor and cools and soothe irritated skin.
PEPPERMINT FOOT RUB- your feet need some love too. Peppermint is both cooling and a pain reliever, so it’s made for hard-working feet. soften and soothe the skin on your feet that can often become dry, calloused, cracked, and rough while taking away the aches and muscle tightness
FOOT PAIN ROLL ON…not just for Arthritis…it also helps tired, painful, overworked feet,,,Apply anytime,,Absorbs well and won’t stain.


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