Headache and Migraine Remedy 10ml Roll-On



Lets get your day going the way it should be!  
This alternative to traditional medicines and has healing qualities 
that have a refreshingly therapeutic blend of essential oils which 
can help muscles relax and ease pain and calm the mind while giving 
you a cooling effect. It will not only help to relieve  both tension 
headaches and migraines,but let you let the sun shine in.
Apply as desired to forehead hairline, back of neck, and massage into temples. 
You can apply to neck and shoulders for extra cooling and relaxation.
10ml Roll on

1 review for Headache and Migraine Remedy 10ml Roll-On

  1. Micheal D.

    I suffer from migraines. I have had to leave work several times and could not even drive due to light and pain sensitivity. I can apply this a sit for a couple of minutes and I feel like I never had a headache to start with. It is like a breath of fresh air. Enjoy the scent also,,,so refreshing.
    Micheal D.

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