Wellness Boost




Just not feeling like yourself? Maybe getting the sniffles or feeling fatigued? Give you or your loved ones immune system a boost with our blends.
Each kit contains:

*Sleep Tight and Detox restorative and aromatic bath salts-simply add to a full bath and swish the water gently so
that the salts dissolve and disperse throughout the water. Close the door to keep the precious aromas in and
in while the aromas help to clear and build the immune system.

*Immune Boost roll on- Simply roll this aromatherapy on the chest and/or throat area to help relieve symptoms and
revive your senses to help you feel better. Apply 1-5 drops to the area as needed.

*Aromatherapy candle to revive the sense and provide a relaxing atmosphere.

*Winter Breeze Menthol Rub: works quickly to help relieve your cough, nasal congestion, and muscle aches and pains due to colds.

Together they provide a battlefield for the immune system that comes out winning every time!


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