Winter Breeze 4oz

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All Natural vapor Rub WITHOUT PETROLEUM!

In the name of not consuming or slathering myself, my children or my grandchildrens skin with anything that is more beneficial to a car engine, I’ve been making this really easy homemade version ever since.

Most vapor rubs contain some pretty toxic ingredients…Petrolatum or petroleum is not a sustainable product, but environment aside it has no place in being used on the skin. Mineral oil creates a barrier on the skin that can lock in bacteria and toxins causing them to build up and leading to skin irritation.Camphor is known to cause seizures and be poisonous in larger quantities.  Turpentine oil. Although it is considered a “natural ingredient” it is no less harmful than other artificial solvents. The vapor of turpentine oil can damage the lungs, and respiratory system as well as burn the skin and eyes.

Don’t let the ingredient list deter you from our all natural WINTERS BREEZE. A soothing petroleum and chemical free version of the classic cough and cold soother.

Safe to use as needed to help reduce coughing and congestion.

Each Jar comes with a small tube of Winter Breeze for easy carry on

1 review for Winter Breeze 4oz

  1. Helena

    I feel good knowing that I am not rubbing petroleum all love my child’s chest. He loves the smell and it cools down the fever. The mint lip balm was so soothing. Thank you for helping us at the event.

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